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Online Weight Loss Coach Helping Men & Women lose fat permanently and build muscle for life.





Eliteman Coaching delivers result-based fitness coaching online, helping men & women lose unwanted weight permanently and build lean muscle for life.

Whether your goal is weight loss, building lean muscle, increasing strength, elevating your overall fitness or simply feeling better, our online fitness coaching program is the absolute fastest way to get there. It allows you to benefit from our expertise, accountability and motivation that comes from having your own world-class coach.

As your weight loss coach, we inspire, challenge and empower you every step of the way. We're in this together!

Our focus is YOU and your goals. 

In addition to providing optimal training & nutrition programming catered to your goals, we focus on helping you build new, powerful habits & beliefs and create a healthier lifestyle along the way to ensure a complete, sustainable physique transformation.

The Eliteman Coaching Experience - WEIGHT LOSS COACH


Effective coaching. Results. Sustainability.


Eliteman Coaching specializes in helping you lose unwanted body fat and build lean muscle, delivering lifetime sustainable results.

Our science-based and holistic approach is systematic, trackable and geared towards your specific fitness goal, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Whether your goal is to lose 100 pounds of fat, build a significant amount of lean muscle, increase overall strength & conditioning, have more energy or simply become healthier, the Eliteman Coaching program is the fastest way to get there.

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  • What is Eliteman Coaching?
    Eliteman Coaching is an online personal training company specializing in helping men and women build muscle, lose fat and increase strength in a healthy, efficient and sustainable manner.
  • Who is Eliteman Coaching for?
    Eliteman Coaching is for any person (both men & women) that is serious about accomplishing his/hers fitness goals and is looking for an online fitness coach - whether that is losing 100lbs of fat, go from skinny to jacked or get rid of the last bit of belly fat to look shredded on the beach.
  • Will I reach my fitness goals?
    Absolutely - as long as you commit and stick to the program we create for you and check-in with your online coaching personal trainer regularly, results are inevitable.
  • What kind of equipment do I need?
    Whether you have minimal equipment or have access to a fully equipped gym facility, Eliteman Coaching got you covered.
  • Will my results really be sustainable?
    Yes. After you have achieved (and surpassed) your fitness goals with the guidance of your Eliteman online personal trainer, we will show you how to maintain your new fit physique so that you'll only have to go through the transformation process once.
  • How will I communicate with my online fitness coach?
    You can message your online personal trainer whenever you need assistance, 24 hours a day, via WhatsApp. Your coach will be there to motivate you, offer advice, answer questions and keep you on track.
  • How soon will my online fitness coach respond to my messages?
    As a rule, your trainer will respond within 12 hours. However, the average response time is typically much faster than this (sometimes within minutes).
  • How often will my online weight loss coach check in with me?
    Your Eliteman coach will communicate with you consistently through-out the week, as well as a weekly e-mail/text check-in; going over your training & nutrition, provide feedback and set you up for success for the following week. In addition, your trainer will set-up a monthly video call to ensure everything is moving according to plan and you are on track to achieve your fitness goals!
  • Do you work with individuals who have 60-80lbs or more to lose?
    Of course. Your online weight loss coach would be more than pleased to help you reach your fitness goals - the bigger the goal, the better.
  • Do you have payment plans?
  • Yes, payment plans are available.