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Robert S. (My Story)

“I started out as a tall lanky skinny kid with no strength to even do a proper push-up (6’2, 12 inch arms). Frustrated with the lack of strength and muscle on my frame, I became motivated to make a change hoping to one day achieve my dream physique. This led me to trying and experimenting with countless different diet and training protocols along the way.

Eager to make a change, I was exposed to the common muscle building advice (the traditional “bulking” methods) and I ended up over 45 lb overweight.

By learning from the best coaches in the industry, gaining the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and applying it on myself, I have learned the ‘in’s and out’s’ & deeper truths about how the body functions and why some methods are effective and some aren’t. 

Along the way I developed a passion for fitness and master the skillset to make incredible changes to the human body in a short period of time, on anybody regardless of your starting points, genetics or age.

Having gone through countless different workout & diet phases myself (skinny-fat-fit) has helped me immensely to understand the body transformation process, solidifying my ability to help and relate to my clients as well.

To this date, I have been involved in fitness for 15 years and have been a personal trainer & fitness coach for almost a decade now. I have helped hundreds of clients successfully reach their fitness goals in an efficient and sustainable manner.”

Joel B.

“I’ve been training with Rob as my online fitness coach for eight months now and it’s safe to say he’s changed my life.

I wasted too many years with unused gym memberships, doubting my own abilities and not knowing how to reach my goal of gaining muscle and improving my overall health.

To date I’ve gained 25lbs of lean muscle and have never felt better about my body.

From the minute I met Rob I knew it was the perfect fit for me. He is focused, driven and a master of his craft. He holds me accountable both in and outside of the gym and pushes me in ways I could never push myself.

He’s taught me the importance of nutrition in order to meet my goals and is constantly changing my meal plan as I get stronger and stronger.

Rob is a game changer and I’m so thankful to have him in my corner.”

Jonathan M.

“After lockdown I was in the worst shape of my life. After only 16 weeks with Robert I am now in the best shape I’ve ever been! Robert listened to my goals and made sure my workout and diet plan were individual to me - not just cut and pasted like so many others do.

Robert has been an amazing online weight loss trainer and has encouraged me throughout the process.

I really appreciate how he pushes me to be the best I can be, and helps me build on my personal bests each week.

Although I’ve been working out for a number of years, Robert has taught me so much about technique, mindset and nutrition.

He is the best online personal fitness coach I’ve ever trained with.

I am delighted with my results and although I only intended to do 12 weeks, I am going to continue training with him.

This has been the best investment in myself - thank you Robert.“

Virtual Personal Trainer
Virtual Personal Trainer
Virtual Personal Trainer
Virtual Personal Trainer

Umutcan A.

“Eliteman Coaching is the way to go! Robert is an amazing online fitness instructor. We trained less than a year but results are outstanding.

I have gained over 24lbs of muscle and skyrocketed my strength. I started with 20lbs DBs bench press and I just took 80s for a ride on my most recent PR!

From nutrition to area specific exercises (I had knee injury), he is very knowledgeable at what he is doing. Great communication throughout the video calls and WhatsApp, makes it always enjoyable.

His communication skills also helped me to pass mental barriers with heavier weights and other things as well.

If you're on the search for a legitimate virtual fitness coach, I would strongly recommend Eliteman Coaching, especially for the people like myself who lacks self motivation and needs a push.”

Christian L.

“I used Eliteman Coaching to help me lose weight and add muscle.

Over 3 months I lost 30 lbs and am now in the best shape of my life. Rob's training techniques are far from cookie cutter, his knowledge of nutrition and biomechanics are second to none.

I have used a few other trainers in the last few years and none come close to the level of Eliteman Coaching.

I highly suggest working with them if your goals are to lose body fat and increase lean tissue while getting guidance from a true professional.“

VIrtual Personal Trainer
VIrtual Personal Trainer
Eliteman Coaching Client Results - Online Fitness Coach
Eliteman Coaching Client Results - Online Fitness Coach

Dries S.

I started looking for an online fitness coach to help me build muscle and get stronger. 

I’m in my early 20s and have never done any sports or physical activity prior to this. I came across Eliteman Coaching and based on their reviews I decided to join their online coaching program. 

I’ve gained over 10lbs of lean muscle, drastically increased my strength and feel great about my progress in about 8 weeks so far and I know it’s only going to improve from here. 

What can I say - IM HOOKED!

I learned SO MUCH already and I'm loving my progress!

Mathew H.

“I've had multiple online fitness and nutrition coaches in the past.

Coming to Eliteman Coaching has been transformational for me. I've finally felt properly challenged, learned how and why to eat correctly, understand proper exercise execution and feel solid support through-out the entire program.

Hiring Robert has been a game-changer for me. Well worth the investment and more.“

Sean B.

“I started working out online with Robert a few months ago, I was referred to him by my friend Sepher.

I've had experiences with other online fitness coaches in the past, but Eliteman is the real deal.

From on-boarding to the consistent commucation on a weekly basis to clarity of programming, it has been fantastic. All I have to do is follow the plan and see results!

Robert makes it so easy to understand what to expect from the program, nutrition, how and why you are doing the things in the plan. Awesome experience and results. 

All the confusion about working out and dieting is gone and I have a new found understanding of how things work and why they do thanks to Robert @ Eliteman Coaching."

Conner Z.

After years of half executed diet and workout plans I decided to enlist Robert @ Eliteman Coaching personal online fitness coach based on the positive feedback he’s received from previous clients.

I can say this is the best decision I’ve made, as I’m in the best shape I’ve been in, in 9 years. 

From day one we set out a goal of getting leaner, while putting on muscle and he immediately got to work curating a meticulous diet and workout regiment. Like so many others have mentioned, it wasn’t a simple cut and paste, but fully unique to my body type and training experience.

I can honestly say this is the best training/advice I’ve ever received. By no means has it been easy, but with his guidance, we were able to continually progress and improve each week. 

The communication is prompt, concise and I’ve always felt like I have all the support I need to complete my workouts and stick to the plan. Whenever I have any questions, Robert is quick to respond via WhatsApp. 

The accountability check-ins are EXTREMELY valuable as you get to be face to face (or email) with your coach weekly, gathering the right mindset to take on the following week. 

I have seen results from the first week and it has been continuous through-out the entire program. I’m honestly amazed at my progress ESPECIALLY at this fast rate. Oh and this was done working 12 hours shifts with only training 3 days a week @ 1hour each!

I have lost over 18lbs+ of fat, while building muscle and getting SIGNIFICANTLY stronger (ex. went from 85lb deadlift to 315lbs!).

This is has been the best investment in myself and I urge others to reach out and see what Robert can do for you.

Again, the results speak for themselves – thanks Robert!

Online fitness coach Testimonial | Eliteman Coaching
Online fitness coach Testimonial | Eliteman Coaching

Adam J.

“I've been training for years prior to getting online fitness and nutrition coaching with Robert @ Eliteman Coaching. 

As soon as I started training w/ Rob, I immediately realized the things I was doing inefficiently and sub-optimally.

Robert's attention to detail and rock-solid understanding of the fat loss/muscle-building game is impressive.

He communicates effectively and makes you understand exactly what needs to be done to achieve the results you are looking for. There are no guesses or unknowns. He asks the right questions and keeps you accountable to make sure you are on top of nutrition & training at all times. 

Eliteman Coaching has been key in helping me take my physique to the next level and the knowledge I have learned is extremely valuable. I have gained +10lbs of lean muscle in under 12 weeks and my strength has skyrocketed.

I strongly recommend Eliteman to anyone who's serious about their fitness goals."

Alexey G.

“Best decision I've made.

I’ve been training with Robert on and off for several years now.

When I first started out. he was a great help with helping me set the foundation for exercising and committing to the fitness lifestyle.

Through-out my journey working with Robert, I've gained over 30lbs of muscle, learned how fat loss works and increased strength exponentially. Robert knows the fitness game inside out.

The combination of easy to follow workout & nutrition programming, accountability check-ins, motivation, and challenge in the gym, as well as the long-term sustained “mind over matter” development was precisely the key that I needed in order to no longer think about the gym as a “chore”, but rather to integrate it into my lifestyle as a core component of my daily routine.

If you want to find an online fitness coach who will just give you cookie cutter programs and allow half-ass efforts, look elsewhere. But if you're ready to make a sustainable transformation, Eliteman Coaching is the place. You just have to take the first step.

Having worked in different gyms myself, I can confidently state that Robert is a true asset to anyone looking to lose body fat, build muscle and take care of this part of his life for good. “

Virtual Personal Trainer

Andrew D.

“I can’t rate Rob highly enough with his holistic approach to training, diet, health, and mindset. His training is varied, challenging and very rewarding.

In a shade over 3 months, he’s helped me lose 23lb+ of weight, gain definition, control my diet, improve my blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and generally make me feel a whole lot healthier.

Starting a new health regime at 54, being overweight, having underlying health conditions and never being particularly fit, has been tough. I will admit though, with Rob’s training, experience, knowledge and true professionalism it hasn’t been that hard and the results have been quick and impressive.

Highly recommended.”

Hugo F.

“Before I started training with Rob I had absolutely no clue what I was doing and I wasn’t really seeing a lot of progress – there was progress, but it was small and took a lot of time.

I began looking for a virtual fitness coach and I came across Eliteman Coaching and really liked their message.

After I started training with Robert and actually started learning about nutrition and fitness, everything started to make sense – and this time I was able to see all of the progress from the hard work I had put in.

I’ve gone from a size 36 to size 28 jeans. lost 50 pounds and have dropped from a large shirt size to a small.
Not only has Rob taught me a lot about fitness, but he’s also made me very aware of food nutrition and what I eat/put into my body.

Between working out and eating right, I have way more energy and have built myself much better lifestyle habits.

Although I’ve had a big transformation physically, what you can’t see is how this transformation has made me feel. I’m a lot more confident in life, I feel great about myself and my body and I owe that all to Rob’s training and expertise.”

Virtual Personal Trainer
Virtual Personal Trainer
Virtual Personal Trainer

Sepher J.

“I started working out online with Robert a few months ago.

Before knowing him. I had experiences with different online programs when there was no support from the trainer. However, it was not the case with Robert. I was not on my own and he was always there for me.

Robert makes it so easy to understand what to expect from each of the exercises and how to do it right. He is very comprehensible when answering to the questions about the workouts and meal plan. AWESOME SUPPORT.

Most of the time I was at the gym sending my questions and I received his responses before I leave the gym.

His enthusiasm in responses to my weekly reports has been a great motivation for me to push myself harder and be consistent with the meal plan which was a lifestyle change.

It was an amazing feeling to see my body’s changes by comparing the pictures over the weeks.

I am thrilled with the results.

The most wonderful part of working out with him is that unlike most of the trainers out there he is not suggesting buying lots of supplements and wants the nutrition‘s from whole food.

It has been truly a pleasure to work with Robert.”

Ryan B.

“If you’re looking to seriously change your life, focus on you and get results, then Eliteman Coaching is the place to be.

Robert is the best online weight loss coach I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable, will teach you techniques with a keen understanding of how your individual body works and build a unique plan that drives results.

I have never felt as confident in my own body than I have working with Robert. I’ve learned so much about how my body reacts to nutrition, exercise and weight training that has truly changed the way I live. I look forward to my weekly check-ins with him where I know I’ll be challenged in a way that gives me confidence in other parts of my life.

He’s a true professional and very results driven.

This has been one of my best investments for myself. “