Adele's Weight Loss: What you need to know to achieve results

Adele's Weight Loss: What you need to know to achieve results

Adele’s weight loss transformation has been making headlines for quite some time now. Her amazing journey – losing 100 pounds – has inspired countless people around the world to take charge of their health and work towards their weight loss goals. In this article, we’ll explore how weight loss works and how you too can achieve similar results.

Adele's weight loss transformation
Adele’s weight loss transformation

Adele’s Weight Loss Journey

Before we dive into the specifics of weight loss, let’s take a look at Adele’s journey. The singer underwent a remarkable transformation over the past few years, losing a total of 100 pounds.

First and foremost, Adele made a commitment to improving her health and wellbeing. She recognized that her weight was impacting her health and quality of life, and she decided to take action. This is a critical mindset shift that is necessary for anyone who wants to make lasting changes to their health and fitness.

She credits her weight loss to consistently sticking to a well-designed weight loss program combining working out, cardio and healthy eating. Adele’s trainer, Pete Geracimo, shared that she worked out three times a week, focusing on cardio and circuit training, and also adopted a low-carb, high-protein diet.

How Weight Loss Works

Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. This creates a calorie deficit, which forces your body to use stored fat as energy. This is the basic principle of weight loss, but there are several factors that can affect how much weight you lose and how quickly you lose it.


Firstly, your metabolic rate plays a key role in weight loss. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories to maintain basic functions such as breathing, digestion, and circulation. Some people naturally have a higher metabolic rate than others, which means they burn more calories at rest. Furthermore, your lifestyle and overall activity level also impacts your metabolism. Good news is you can increase your metabolic rate through exercise and by building more lean muscle mass.


Secondly, the type of calories you consume also affects weight loss. While it’s true that a calorie is a calorie to some degree, the type of calories you consume can impact your digestion, gut health, energy levels and how satisfied you feel. If you’re constantly bloated or constipated from the foods you consume, weight loss will take a back seat. Eating foods that are high in protein and fiber tend to be more filling, which means you’ll feel fuller for longer and may consume fewer calories overall. 

Strength Training

Thirdly, strength training plays a vital role in weight loss. Not only does training aka contracting muscles burn calories, but it can also help increase your metabolic rate and build lean muscle mass. Resistance training, in particular, is effective at building muscle and increasing your metabolic rate.

Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re looking to lose weight, there are several tips you can follow to achieve your goals:

  1. Create a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than you burn.
  2. Focus on consuming high-protein, high-fiber foods to stay full and satisfied.
  3. Incorporate resistance training into your workout routine to build lean muscle mass.
  4. Be consistent with your exercise and eating habits.
  5. Get enough sleep to support weight loss and recovery.

Online Weight Loss Coaching

If you’re struggling to achieve your weight loss goals, consider seeking the help of an online personal trainer or coach. Online coaching can provide you with personalized guidance, support, and accountability to help you achieve your goals. offers online personal training programs that are designed to help men and women lose weight permanently and build muscle for life. Our team of qualified trainers can provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals. Contact us today to learn more about our online coaching programs.

In conclusion, weight loss is a complex process that involves creating a calorie deficit, consuming the right foods in correct amounts, and incorporating strength training into your routine. By following the tips outlined in this article you can begin seeing progress in your weight loss journey. If you want to speed up the process and achieve your weight loss goals as quickly and efficiently as possible consider seeking the help of a qualified online fitness coach.